The R.E.D. Album [Explicit]

The R.E.D. Album [Explicit]

The R.E.D. Album [Explicit]

List Price: $ 10.99

Price: $ 10.99

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  1. 303native1 says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    GAME bringing real Hip-Hop back…let the haters hate, August 23, 2011

    This review is from: The R.E.D. Album (Audio CD)

    4 1/2 stars.

    It’s been 3 long years since Game’s last album, LAX. Hip Hop has seen many kings return with albums (Eminem with “Relapse” and “Recovery”, Jay-Z with “Blueprint 3″ and “Watch the Throne”, Kanye West with “My Beautiful Dark…” and “Watch the Throne” to name a few). It was becoming Detox Jr but the R.E.D. Album is finally here. I must admit, after hearing his numerous attempts at singles with songs like Shake, Ain’t No Doubt About It, and others…I was very worried that Game was going down a bad path. However, I could not be more pleased with his effort on RED.

    It’s only fair that I let you know how I rated Game’s previous three efforts. I give Doctor’s Advocate an A, Documentary an A-, and LAX a B+. Documentary was a dope entrance, but far from the classic that others call it. It lacked big time with songs like How We Do and Higher, which were sub-par at best. Doctor’s Advocate is hands down my favorite Game album. He lyrically improved from his 1st and 2nd albums, and took a darker tone throughout Doctor’s Advocate. Finally, while LAX was a good album, I was left a bit flat with songs like Touchdown, Money, Let Us Live, etc. Still, LAX had many great tracks, including Angel which may be one of his best songs to date. That brings us to R.E.D. Album.

    Track-by-Track review

    1. DR. DRE INTRO- No rating, but I like the fact that Game is back with Dre.

    2. THE CITY- 10/10- Great opening track. Game really knows how to open an album, and spits heat straight out of the gate on The City. Lamar drops a nice spoken hook, and manages to hold his own. Game drops fierce and angry bars about his critics of his last album LAX. Hands down, one of the best tracks on the album.

    3. DRUG TEST- 8/10- This song may leave some feeling flat. It is not Game’s best verses, and I really wish there would have been more Snoop on this track. The beat is decent, but I wish they would have picked a DRE beat for this song. The song picks up nicely when Sly comes in, and overall its a dope beat to cruise to.

    4. MARTIANS VS. GOBLINS- 9/10- It seems Wayne only spits on the hooks with Game for some reason. Nice beat and again nice lyrics from Game. I like when Tyler the Creator comes in and spits a very D12-like verse, it works well with the game. I dislike Wayne, he is overrated, but he works well on hooks with the game.

    5. RED NATION- 10/10- One of the dopest songs on the album. Game spits fire again, and Wayne drops heat on the hook as well. This song just works, and is one of the better street songs we’ve seen from Game in recent years. Right up there with State of Emergency in my book.

    6. DR. DRE 1- no rating.

    7. GOOD GIRLS GO BAD- 8.5/10- I like Drake on features, hate his songs, which is why I like this song. Game spits some verses about all the girls he’s seen throughout his life and how they go bad. The sample of the girls voice works very well throughout the song, and Drake just works on the lady tracks. One of Game’s better lady tracks.

    8. RICKY- 9.5/10- The only thing that drops this from a 10 is the sub-par beat after the dope intro from Boyz N the Hood. Game’s lyrics are dope on this as well, some of his best that we’ve seen. The sax samples throughout are great, and thsi could have been a classic if it had a decent hook.

    9. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY- 8/10- Great story telling, which is something the Game has become well at. Not as great as Em, but he’s still agood story teller. I really dislike it when Game tries to sound like Biggie too much. This song would be muuch better, it has a dope beat to cruise too, but he needs to quit the Biggie-like voice.

    10. HEAVY ARTILLERY- 9/10- The hook, a sample of some-what, really works great on this trick. Rick Ross is not my favorite, I think he’s weak, but he does alright on this track. Great beat to bump in the car, but I love the Heavy Artillery sample on the hook.

    11. PARAMEDICS- 3/10- I can’t stand Jeezy. When are people gonna realize that Jeezy is whack??? This is a generic beat, and sounds too much like everything that is wrong with hip hop currently. Flat out, can’t stand this track. The only song on the album completely lacking.

    12. SPEAKERS ON BLAST- 8.5/10- Alright hook, dope beat, pretty good lyrics, and E-40!!!! Finally, someone giving E-40 some props on a profile album again. E-40 is one of the most underrated out there. The track has a solid beat and Game spits dope verses. Pretty standard song, but the E-40 feature is most definitely a stand out.

    13. HELLO- 8/10- Lloyd’s hook is the best part of the song, and works to perfection with the beat. The only thing wrong with this song, is I feel that Game’s voice when he’s rapping doesn;t fit the beat. This songs more like an R&B beat, but that’s just me. A pretty solid lady song for the Game.

    14. ALL THE WAY GONE- 5/10- Weak and…

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  2. DM says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hard work pays off, August 24, 2011

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    This review is from: The R.E.D. Album (Audio CD)

    Game has now stated on a few occasions – including within the lyrics of “The City”, the opening track of ‘The R.E.D. Album’ – what an anguishing ordeal and process it has been for him to have his fourth studio album completed and released. Well, all I can say after having finally heard the finished product for myself is, hard work pays off.

    ‘The R.E.D. Album’ is, without a doubt, Game’s best album to date. Every sigle song is hot. In my opinion, while his past two releases were good, that’s all they were – “good”. I honestly felt like Game was trying a bit too hard on ‘LAX’ to impress and/or to live up to his own hype. On this album, however, he seems completely authentic – he isn’t trying to impress anybody anymore; he’s just doing his own thing now. And he has finally shown his true talent. His flows over every single banging beat – which range from gritty and grimy to polished and smooth – are perfect and he has proven that he’s evolved into a real lyricist, as Game spits some great metaphorical lines. Whether he’s rapping about his California lifestyle or the birth of his new baby girl, Game is so on top of his own game that you will only be taken aback by the artist he’s become.

    Guest appearances include Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Tyler the Creator and Bun B. among others. Honestly, none of these emcees hinder the track on which they spit. I was a bit “meh” when I first read that some of these names were associated with Game’s album, but each and every one of them were on-point. They all nailed it.

    What else can I say? Well, Game has heart. ‘The R.E.D. Album’ doesn’t consist solely of gangsta ish. The emcee goes into more depth than ever before about his life growng up – namely about his parents and his brothers. Aside from that, he’s got a beautiful song on which he raps about the birth of his newly-born daughter and the overwhelming joy which she brings her daddy. A perfect way with which to close this album.

    ‘The R.E.D. Album’ is structured perfectly; its blend from one song to the next is very appropriate. Once again, Game is on top of things like never before with this fourth effort and I believe he has just put forth his very best album to date, and one which will be discussed and remembered for some years to come. This feels like an album you would have heard in the mid-’90s. Emcees just don’t make music like this anymore. It’s just an awesome record, most definitely worth spending $9.99 on.

    Graet job, Game. It is very evident that you poured your heart and soul into this one. Hard work pays off. Let me put it this way: a 21-track album with not one skip-worthy song? That’s quite a nice feat. You’ve got something special here.

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  3. B. Macleod says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Another Banger from the West Coast King, August 23, 2011
    B. Macleod (Sydney,N.S,Canada) –

    This review is from: The R.E.D. Album (Audio CD)

    This might be Game’s most lyrical album yet.For me it’s not quite as good as Doctor’s Advocate(hands down my favorite Game album).But it’s definitly better then LAX,which was still a good album.It might even be neck and neck with the Documentary.You can put this cd in and let it play through right to the end and enjoy every minute of it.Even as the pace of the album slows down around track 12,I still don’t find myself wanting to skip any songs.Game is bringing back what so many other rappers are not doing anymore and that is storytelling.On tracks like Ricky and The Good,The Bad,The Ugly,Game is painting pictures that the listeners can actually visualize in their minds.Not to ramble on and on with this but if you are a fan of real Hip-Hop music,go out and get this album.I garuntee you won’t be dissapointed.

    My Top 5:
    Born in the Trap
    Martians vs Goblins
    The City
    All I Know

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