What are your thoughts of online gaming and offline gaming?

Question by Ironclad: What are your thoughts of online gaming and offline gaming?
A general discussion of your thoughts about online gaming and offline gaming. What do u like about them? Why? Which one benefits most? Which games are best for offline? Which is best online? Just a simple discussion of your thoughts.

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Answer by Free Candy
To be honest, when I have online games available to me I feel compelled to play more which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I enjoy MP games, but I feel that they also distract me from real responsibilities in my life. I try to stick to single player/offline games as much as possible.

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  1. Fred5107™ says:

    Online gaming is a great substitute for offline gaming when you’re lonely and have nobody to play with. The problem with online gaming is that there are going to be huge jerks that will annoy you to death. In FPS games like Call of Duty. Games that are good online are games with fun multi-player like Ratchet & Clank. Offline gaming is really the best when you have friends to play with you, rather than random jerks online. However, online gaming simply provides necessary amounts of people to play with. You’ll have to ignore every loser who tries to put you down. The internet has plenty of jerks to ignore. Games that are best for offline are games like God of War, Destroy All Humans, etc. I’d say say that single player games and small co-op games are best for offline.

  2. Chris Ruggiero says:

    i like both types. it also depends.. if im paying 60 bucks for a game i like it to be online so i can keep playing it and playing with friends. i personally love online co-op campaign games like halo, gears, resident evil, fable, they give u a challenge so you can beat them on like legendary for achievements or trophys. offline games are also good. i normally buy them if there cheaper, i dont think its worth 60 bucks for you to play it once and go oh alright well what now…. you get to trade it in for 20 bucks and lose 40 bucks. the best games are games that are original, like you feel like it a movie with a really good plot and stuff, also old games i used to play are awesome. nothing like going back and beating lord of the rings :) and all those old games.

  3. Kate Strachan says:

    I reckon online gaming is great, but it could do with a fairer matching system so I don’t have to play Modern Warfare 2 for a month in a row just so I don’t have a Kill/Death ratio less than 1. Offline gaming is good, I love most FPS campaigns. RTS campaigns tend to get boring and repetitive after a while, and so do RPG campaigns. But RTS and RPGs make great online games (AoE, RoN, StarCraft, League of Legends…etc)

  4. Brockow says:

    I’ve known a lot of people who get sucked into gaming online in what seems almost like an addiction. The funniest experience I have with this: my husband used to be really into World of Warcraft and I had a party one night. Instead of hanging out withe my friends and me he literally sat in the living room on his laptop with his headphones on playing WoW. Sort of embarrassing to say the least.

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