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Became known characteristics of chips Samsung Exynos 5250 the next generation

All of the new chips are the so-called system-on-chip (system-on-chip), that is, combine in itself the functions of the central and gpus, as well as the different indicators in two times higher than similar in Exynos of the previous generation. So, the two central nucleus of the new processors operate at a frequency of 2 Ghz, which is twice more, than could offer chips Exynos earlier. A similar situation and with a maximum output resolution, which supports the graphics core Samsung Exynos 5250 the next generation – 2560×1600.

It is expected that the new system-on-chip will appear in the mobile devices Samsung next year. The main competitor of the new Samsung Exynos 5250 – known system-on-chip NVIDIA Tegra 3.

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