Android App Development ? Future is Android

Android App Development ? Future is Android

In the quest to compete Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android has also accomplished many victories. Always referred as the most-rapidly-growing mobile OS, it has become the center of attraction since its first launch. History shows that Google has activated more than 100 million Android devices globally and the number is being updated by 400,000 device activations daily.

Damn – so many devices are being activated daily on Google’s OS and the overall number is increasing exponentially. They’ve said right – sky is the only limit. This quick growth in the Android based smart phones has also increased the demand of Android app development.

More and more devices are using Android OS means scores of users are enjoying the almost-unlimited apps, and the good point is – majority of the Android apps are free or very cheap.

Be it a game, a social media app, a business app or a multimedia app for Android – you’ll get it quickly and there are more chances that you don’t even need to pay anything for it.

Android app development has become the most lucrative businesses of the current IT era. Be it Éclair app development, Froyo app development, or the app development in ginger bread or honeycomb – at each span of time, it remains high in demand. Because scores of Android users have different choices and likenesses; some like multimedia apps, while others want to spend time in chatting with friends through Android IMs. So development of variety Android apps assures you results.

According to various Mobile market research companies, in recent short weeks Android’s market share has gone much high. People’s fervor for Android is increasing day by day. As it is supported by a variety of Hardware vendors such as Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC etc., each new device has different looks and attractive points for users. Liking these new devices from above vendors ultimately means liking the Android devices. And for all these devices, new and free apps are needed so that such hardware pieces can give immense pleasure to the users.

The increase in number of Android users has not stopped in previous years and it steadily rather exponentially is going higher and higher. This is the time to think – if you are a business owner or a development company owner – you’ve to take care of Android! If you are a business owner, then you need to think ways and ideas to attract your potential customers. As today everyone is using cell phone, it is likely that your potential user is using an Android phone. So hire Android application development company to develop Android apps that represent your business in the Smartphone world.

As being an Android development company, you need to make sure that your developers have all expertise that are desired to build real-time and target-oriented Android apps so that you can provide quality output to your clients.

At Techliance, we keep a keen eye on changing trends. We have expert Android app developers who are well versed with latest Android development tools. Contact us today to hire our affordable yet target-oriented services.

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