Apple ipod Available in Reasonable Price

apple ipod
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Apple ipod Available in Reasonable Price

There is nothing better than this Apple ipod nano is the gadget of 6th generation having 46% nano size and 42% light weight than its younger siblings. This ipod is baby package loaded with number of accessible and exciting features to provide you the non-stop experience of fun and entertainment. It has ultra slim square dimension of 1.48 (height) x 1.61 (weight) x 0.35 (depth) including the available in built chip used for attaching purpose.

Its body has anodized aluminum configuration with four packed stamps on its square borders and available in seven radiant colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Silver and Graphite. Its two models are available in every possible shade in order to make your life musical and colorful as well.

This compact and ultra protable digital music player has been equipped with 1.5 multi touch sensitive display screen having four screen pages sported with four icons per screen.

Its smooth and rhythmic commanding touch actions make your navigation so accessible and catchy; you can navigate within the menu and its sub-functions. This apple ipod nano allows you to rearrange its main function icons so that you can operate according to your choices and can jump from one screen page to another in a blink of eye. With your silk touch of tender fingers you can re-orient the display.

Apple nano is the mini bundle of magical applications and all fresh operation with easy understanding and accessibility. Only with Apple ipods nano you can enjoy the fun of FM radio having number of useful and practical options like live pause function, rewind, fast forward, Scan of local FM station, auto populate menu etc.

Its icons are only accessible & perceptible with attachment of headphones. Its highly advanced ‘Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones’, Mobile Communication Kit, Microphone adapter, V-Mode Vibe Due earphones with microphone extends the dimensions of your approach for musical world and provide you memorable and realistic experience every time.

Apple ipod nano has a sharp memory of 8 GB & 16 GB and powerful battery which offers you constant music playback of 24 hours with its full charge. Its 80% of battery juice gives energy up to 1.5 hours and full glass gives life of 3 hours. For fitness conscious people it has fitness icon which has a sensible pedometer with an in build accelerometer. This accelerometer keeps a check on your every step and calculates the burned calories. Along with all these, a stopwatch and a timer to enhance your sports performance has also been given. This 0.7 ounces nano ipod has finalized price of $ 149 for 8 GB model and happy price figure of $ 179 for 16 GB.

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