Is The Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation Out Yet?

Question by Roberto: Is The Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation Out Yet?
Is The Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation Out Yet? I keep hearing that it’s out, but earlier today I heard it won’t be until January 2010? Can I go buy at at retail’s tomorrow? If not when can I buy it? In other words what’s the release date for it if it’s not out yet?

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Answer by Jordan
iPod Touch 3rd Generation is not currently available, its expected to come out in next couple months around late November.

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  1. Matthew says:

    No not yet thx for the 2 points though

  2. Bruce says:

    LOL wow

    Yes, it’s out. Some people are just incredibly butt hurt that the new ipod touch unveiled in September didn’t have a camera.

    It has processor and GPU upgrades that make it 50% faster than the 2G. That’s a HUGE difference. Just because there aren’t any physical changes doesn’t mean it wasn’t upgraded. And you can use the mic now since the headphones that come with the ipod have a mic built in. I’m sorry you guys didn’t get that $ 10 camera installed in the touch that you wanted so bad!

    There is no new ipod touch coming out until September of next year. This is the 3G, and some people need to get over the lack of camera.

  3. Nyla says:

    Yes!!! It’s been out and in stores for over a week now, it came out Sept 9th. You can go buy one today or order one from apples online store too.

  4. says:

    It’s out.

    Available at

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