Q&A: how do i add movies into my apple ipod?

Question by graphix: how do i add movies into my apple ipod?
i have got a new apple ipod, i have installed itunes also
once i put audio cd it gets copied into the ipod thru my laptop, but when i put movie cd or dvd it dosent get copied into the ipod.
so how do i watch movies in my ipod?

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Answer by Mrs.Efron
Go to Itunes, then you’ll see at Itunes Home that it has a list with Movies. Click on the Movies button at the top of the list, then buy away! Hope I helped.

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  1. Chan Tony says:

    you hv to convert ur video into mp4 format or H.264 format so u can play it on ur ipod.
    After converted ur video, add it into ur itunes library and drag the video to ur ipod.
    Enjoy ur video in ur ipod anytime and anywhere.

    Below is the link to download the free version converter!

  2. Nathan says:

    Well , First I used to buy downloads frm the iTunes store but that turned out to be very expensive . (99 cents for a song and 10 bucks for a movie ) . So now I use this


    thats the best deal you’ll find . U can even Watch your DVD/VCD movies by transfering them to ur Ipod .

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