Q&A: What are the dimensions of an organic apple?

Question by BreathFire: What are the dimensions of an organic apple?
I want to know the dimensions of an organic apple. When I say organic I mean an apple that is not genetically modified. Essentially a real apple. A comparison of a genetically modified apple would also help.

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Answer by Sisyphus
ALL fruit is “organic”-not plastic,metal,stone…..ORGANIC.
NOT “genetically modified”=SELECTIVELY BRED & CULLED….for hundreds of years.

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  1. Clara Molee says:

    Organic fruit doesn’t always have a perfect appearance and sizes do vary. Occasionally otherwise good fruit can have slight blemishes(Treedimensions Organic Apple )….!!!!!

  2. Ohiorganic says:

    There is not such thing as a GMO apple, so far no one has managed to create a transgenic apple tree so apples are not GMO’s. But they can be grown Organically vs conventionally and either way the apples have about the same dimensions. Size depends on the variety and growing conditions and you can have large organic apples and small conventional apples and vice versa.

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